• Photo: Miguel Samper for Mercy Corps

The context

Fighting among non-government forces, drug traffickers and the military has created the largest population of internally-displaced people outside Syria — at least six million. More than a third of Colombia’s population lives below the poverty line and the country has one of the worst income inequality rates in the world.

Our work

  • Children & Youth: Protecting the rights of children and youth afflicted by conflict and abuse. Providing emotional care, alternative education and critical-thinking skills to help young people close the cycle of violence and thrive.
  • Emergency response: Distributing emergency supplies to families displaced by conflict and disaster, and providing them with income-generation skills to help them rebuild. Increasing the capacity of local government to provide humanitarian assistance.
  • Agriculture & Food: Helping rural farmers secure land, improve water and land management, increase the availability of nutritious food for their families and lift themselves out of poverty.