Why Give to Mercy Corps

  • Terara, Indonesia. Ida sits on bags of recently harvested rice with her brother and mother. Her dream for the future is to own her own land and continue to work alongside her brother.
    Photo: Terara, Indonesia. Ida sits on bags of recently harvested rice with her brother and mother. Her dream for the future is to own her own land and continue to work alongside her brother.

So many communities struggle every day to find their next meal, reach safe shelter, and escape the grips of poverty. By supporting Mercy Corps you will help them believe that a better world is possible and see the positive impact of your support every day.

Through your generosity we will be able to build safer, stronger and better-connected communities around the world.

We often enter countries during a humanitarian crisis, in which our immediate action saves lives and reduces suffering. We do this work quickly and well. Then, just as quickly, we extend our efforts to economic empowerment initiatives. In this way we help communities rapidly recover from the crisis - and also create mechanisms to increase their resilience to shocks and setbacks that are likely to recur.

We want to make sure that communities grow stronger, more self-reliant and are better able to continue achieving progress on their own.

Three reasons why your support of Mercy Corps makes a real impact in the lives of families in the world’s toughest places.

1. We follow a time-tested approach to transformative change.

For almost four decades, we have learned and grown alongside extraordinary people who understand their own needs better than anyone else. Our experience shows they are best able to strengthen their communities from within. In everything we do, we connect people to the resources and expertise that they need so that they can catalyse transformative change.

  • We know that communities are the best agents of their own change.
  • We know that local markets are often the fastest, most durable drivers of economic recovery.
  • We know that traditional development solutions will never adequately address the enormous challenges these communities face.

Resilience: Mercy Corps works in places characterised by fragility and crisis, where the impacts of shocks and stresses threaten people’s ability to get ahead. Through shared analysis, learning and action, our Resilience Approach helps communities identify and address underlying vulnerabilities, minimise exposure to risks and strengthen resilience capacities to achieve positive, inclusive change for the future.

2. We are efficient stewards of the money entrusted to us.

You can trust that your donations are used wisely. Over the last five years, Mercy Corps has used 87 percent of our resources to fund programmes that help people in need around the world.

We believe that it is our duty to be effective stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us.

We monitor and evaluate the efficacy of our programmes with a dedicated staff of specialists, and conduct regular internal and external financial audits. Our financial information and annual reports page includes detailed, audited financial statements and tax-related documents.

You can review our privacy policy to find out how we honour the information you provide to us.

We are committed to meeting high fundraising standards. Read our Fundraising Promise.

3. We deliver results.

In 2018 we saved and improved the lives of nearly 28 million people in more than 40 countries.

  • In 2018 across our global operations, Mercy Corps supported approximately 3.7 million vulnerable people inside of Yemen.
  • We helped children with disabilities enrol in schools throughout Jordan, by providing essential equipment like wheelchairs, glasses and hearing aids, as well as the staff they need to be safe and supported.
  • In just three months in Northern Syria our teams distributed 78,460 food rations, delivered emergency water to 155,628 people, and provided non-food items, such as blankets and hygiene products to 56,311 individuals.

If you would like to speak to the Fundraising Team or if you have any questions, please call +44 (0) 131 662 5160, or email fundraising-europe@mercycorps.org.