Protecting Syria's children

  • Photo: Corinna Robbins/Mercy Corps

As the number of Syrians forced to flee the country's civil war continues to grow, one number stays the same — half of them are children.

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There are over 2.5 million Syrian refugee children. And every day, thousands more kids are ripped from their homes and schools, left with painful memories of violence and confusion over what they've lost.

Mercy Corps has been focused on protecting these youngest refugees since the start of the crisis. We create safe spaces and develop constructive activities to help them heal from trauma, build friendships and develop critical life skills. We are working to meet their families' basic needs, while continually finding new ways to ensure their emotional health and development are not forgotten.

The reality is we don't know when this crisis will end. But when it does, these children will be the ones left to rebuild their lives and their country. We cannot let them lose hope.

These are stories from the children we've met and the staff who are dedicated to helping them. Now is the time you can make a huge difference in their lives. Let's stand together and do everything we can to protect the future of Syria's children.

How You Can Help

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