Syria crisis

Syria's civil war has been raging for almost six years, and a staggering 11.4 million people are on the run from the violence. Around 6.3 million people are displaced inside the country and 4.8 million refugees have fled for the relative safety of neighboring countries. Learn more about their lives in the stories below.

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Such massive displacement is straining limited resources such as shelter, water and jobs. This crisis — the most complex humanitarian emergency in a generation — threatens to destabilise the entire region.

How You Can Help

Your support helps us deliver more food, water, shelter and support to Syrians suffering through war and families in crisis around the world. Together, we can help people survive this crisis and work toward a better future. Donate to our Syria Crisis Response today ▸

Our response

Mercy Corps is on the ground working to address the urgent needs of 2.5 million people inside Syria and in neighboring Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Greece:

  • Emergency relief: Providing food assistance and cash, and distributing essentials like clothing, blankets, mattresses and infant care supplies to families who have lost everything. We're also renovating buildings to provide safer shelter.
  • Water: Renovating Jordan's water systems to address long-term water shortages and reach the larger population, as well as digging wells that serve refugee camps. We're also increasing access to drinking water and sanitation facilities at informal settlements throughout Lebanon.
  • Children: Building playgrounds, sports fields and safe spaces for children to play in Jordan and Iraq. Providing constructive, healing activities and helping children with special needs get access to school. In Lebanon, our psychosocial support programmes help kids process their trauma and integrate into their host communities. We also focus specifically on the needs of adolescents, bringing them together with host communities to develop friendships and continue building life skills. Learn more about how we're protecting Syria's children ▸
  • Community development: Bringing refugees and host community members together to ease tensions, identify joint problems and work together on projects like building playgrounds and expanding schools to meet their collective needs.