Adolescents and Youth

Mercy Corps partners with young people (10-24 yrs) to build stronger, more peaceful and productive communities. We believe that if young people learn relevant knowledge and skills, and engage socially, peacefullly and economically, then they will be able to lead secure and productive lives.

Our world is currently home to nearly 1.8 billion young people 10-24 years old, more than any other time in human history. The vast majority of them – nine out of ten – live in less developed countries where economic, civic and social opportunities are insufficient to address the diverse needs of transitioning to adulthood. Others are facing this transition while living in prolonged humanitarian crisis that presents significant challenges to their safety and well-being in the form of forced migration, recruitment, and crime, and early marriage and pregnancy for adolescent girls. These circumstances impede young people’s ability to contribute to their country’s growth and stability. They demand our attention, support and action, as their life choices will fundamentally influence the chances for stability and productivity in the world’s most challenging places.

Global peace and prosperity will be determined by how well young people are integrated into both the labour force and social fabric. Because employment alone cannot absorb such a surge in labour supply, youth energy must be channeled towards other productive activities in their community. Our greatest challenge today is to provide young people with the capacities and opportunities they need to drive and sustain development. Fortunately, young people are hungry to make a difference and represent an extraordinary window of opportunity to propel profound change in the world.

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