URGENT: Syrian families still under attack

Roads in Idlib province, Syria were crammed with vehicles as more than 235,000 fled a frightful new offensive in December 2019. With winter set in, the camps where many of them are arriving are flooded, crowded and cold.

Families in Syria continue to face unimaginable violence and barriers to rebuilding their lives. Now hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to flee bombardments and escalating violence in northern Syria.

Give today to help provide emergency supplies, food, clean water, education and long-term support to Syrian families and other people devastated by conflict around the world.

Mercy Corps teams reached over 2.3 million people last year in Syria, but we need your support to reach more people in desperate need of help. Your gift today can support families fleeing violence in Syria and Yemen, feed children in South Sudan and Nigeria threatened by dire food insecurity, reach survivors after natural disasters in places like Indonesia and Zimbabwe — and so much more.

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