In the news: Syrian refugees fleeing crisis

Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria

September 3, 2015

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With the news of hundreds of thousands of refugees attempting the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea, it’s clear that the needs of Syrian refugees are still mounting.

The scale of Syria’s humanitarian crisis is astonishing — 11 million people, half of the country’s pre-war population — have either died or fled their homes since the war began in 2011.

Millions are still displaced inside Syria, suffering through the brutal effects of war, and millions more have sought refuge in neighboring Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

But resources in those countries are stretched thin. Looking for a more secure and promising future, thousands of Syrian refugees are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean and make it to Europe.

This week, Mercy Corps’ own Andrea Koppel, Vice President of Global Engagement and Policy, spoke with CNN International about the ongoing crisis in Syria.

“This is a humanitarian catastrophe of historic proportions,” she said. As Koppel explains, humanitarian organizations are only one piece of what must be a more global solution to the crisis.

As the needs of refugees — inside Syria, in the region, and now in Europe — become even more severe, we know that the most urgent needs are clean water, food and safe shelter.

“Mercy Corps has been working there since the very beginning,” said Koppel of our work helping Syrian refugees. “Inside Syria, every month, we’re meeting the needs of 500,000 people working with our local partners.”

In total, our work is currently helping 4 million people in the region by providing food, water, shelter and critical support. But we must do more.

Watch the full interview on CNN ▸

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