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At Mercy Corps, we work with governments, institutions, local leaders, civil society organisations, foundations and businesses around the world to ensure that the voices of the people we work with are heard, and that they get the support they need to strengthen their communities from within. Our teams and partners advocate for good policies and best practices so our programmes make a wider impact, create lasting change and function effectively and efficiently.

We listen closely to people we work with on the ground to make sure their voices, concerns and suggestions are heard by key decision makers from Lagos to London and Wajir to Washington, D.C.

Policy issues we care about the most range from making education in Jordan more inclusive of children with disabilities to protecting the U.S. foreign aid budget.

We rely on your voice, too. With your help, we can ensure that everyone is aware of some of these critical issues, from your friends to your members of Congress.

Featured petition

Tell Congress: No cuts to foreign aid

In the coming months, members of Congress will decide how much to spend on U.S. foreign aid during the next budget year. International aid makes up only about 1% of the federal budget — yet it provides lifesaving assistance to tens of millions of people in need.

But this critical investment is now at risk from enormous cuts that will put millions of lives in jeopardy and undo years of smart, non-partisan commitment to building a safer and more stable world. Take action now ▸

Other ways you can help: