Advocacy at Mercy Corps

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As a global organisation with programmes in over 40 countries, we focus much of our advocacy on influencing governments, multi-lateral institutions as well as foundations and the private sector to improve relevant policies, practices and decisions in order to better help vulnerable communities lift themselves out of poverty.

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We recognize

Without strong policies and best practices in place to support or enhance a community’s well-being, even the best-executed programme will have a limited impact.

Our goal

To leverage policy changes to achieve transformational impacts in the countries where we work.

What we do

Listen closely to our local partners to make sure their voices, concerns and suggestions are heard by key decision makers from Lagos to London and Wajir to Washington, D.C.

We believe

Smart, efficient and often integrated humanitarian and development assistance for communities in the world’s toughest places can truly empower people to build better lives and transform their communities for good.